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Zauberkling of Austria, Vienna
11 Movements!!

"1930s" Zauberkling of Austria, Vienna.
(They are the oldest continually operating magic shop in that part of the world)

In the mid 1980s I took this out to Las Vegas on one of many visits.  I wanted to show it to "Lou Dupont" as I had previously sent him photos.  He wanted to see it in person.  after extensively viewing and operating it, he said "Alan, this could arguably be better than any of your McElroys."  I endearingly call this "The Egg" due to the shape of its gray case.

- The head, hands, and body appear to be a very resilient plaster or perhaps resin.

- The mechanics are all made of brass

- It has an "egg shaped" gray case made to form fit the head which also appears to be plaster or resin.  The inside is a plush fabric.  It closes by two eye-hook fasteners.  The head, case, and sleeve all fit nicely into a red plastic case for added protection.

 - The body is your typical size body for a 42" figure.  It features a lever inside in the upper right shoulder area that when depressed allows the hand, which holds a cigarette holder, to find its way to the mouth.

- The clothes are vintage as well - all original

- There is a flesh colored sleeve.  It is like a knee pad that would slide on to your wrist to give the appearance of a neck.  Since the figure does not work via a fixed control post, the movement and animation of the head is limitless, allowing the head to move in ways previously unseen.

- The head movements are controlled by placing your hand inside the rear opening of the head where all the levers are located.  Above the opening is a trap door secured by two eye hook fasteners to allow access into the head.

- The head is about the size of a cantaloupe.  Both the head and gray case fit nicely in the red case for added protection.


  1. Mouth (complete with doe skin)

  2. Sneer (complete with doe skin)

  3. Tongue

  4. Fright Wig

  5. Automatic 360 degree eyes (like a McElroy). The eyes are glass, not plastic or ping pong balls.

  6. Wiggling Ears

  7. Smoker Mechanism

  8. Single Winker

  9. Double Winker

  10. Raising Eyebrows

  11. Left hand palm has a clip to hold objects.

I seriously doubt this figure was ever really used as it is virtually in mint condition.  The face couldn't be any more pristine including the doe skin leather used for the upper sneer and eye lids.  It does show a few tiny areas on the trap door and body where the paint (or finish) is lifted a bit due to age.

This is an EXEMPLARY example of a VERY RARE and desirable ventriloquist figure.




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