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Great comedy inspiration and motivational sources for dialog acts.


       The following records are 33" L.P.'s. Remember them? I have added them to my collection over many years and most of them are not available today. They, of course, can all be converted to cassette or C.D. They are also dynamite for framing or displaying in a wall unit. Hold onto your mouse!
- Alan Ende

  1. "Chris Jagger - The Adventures of Valentine Vox, The Ventriloquist"
    Not vent material but what incredible art work! This is the only one I have ever seen!!


  2. Winchell & Mahoney - "Chips of Wood"


  3. Stu Gillman - "Wild, Wicked Humor"
    Stu with a black Marshall!

    Picture of Album Cover


  4. Sandy Baron - "How I found God"


  5. Kip Adotta - "I Hope I'm Not Out of Line"


  6. Flip Wilson - "You Devil You"


  7. Allen & Rossi- "Dedicated to our Armed Forces"
    Again, great dialogues for ventriloquists.



  8. Allen & Rossi - "Hello Dere"
    Live at the Sands

    Picture of Album Cover


  9. Allen & Rossi - "Hello Dere Again!"


  10. Allen & Rossi - "Doctor....What is sex?"


  11. Rowan & Martin - "At Work"


  12. Rowan & Martin - "The Humor of"


  13. Jackie Mason - "I'm the Greatest Comedian in the World Only Nobody Knows it Yet!"


  14. Jackie Mason - "I Want to Leave You with the Words of a Great Comedian ... Jackie Mason"


  15. Dick Gregory's - "Frankenstein"


  16. Gene & Freddy - "Crazy Night Court"


  17. Kip Adotta - "Life in the Slow Lane"


  18. George Carlin - "Take Off's & Put On's"


  19. George Carlin - "Occupation Foole"


  20. Allen & Rossi - "Too Funny for Words"


  21. Abbott & Costello -
    Three records of their classic routines. Includes "Who's on First?"

    Picture of Album Cover


  22. Shari Lewis - "Hi Kids"


  23. Carlin, Pryor, Rusty Warren, and others - "Hooked on Comedy"


  24. Mr. Ray Bourlan - "Your Stepping on My Eyelashes"


  25. Groucho, Burns & Allen, George Jennell, and lots more. - "The Golden Age of Comedy"
    Double LP



  26. Lord Buckley - "The Best Of"


  27. Robert Klein - "Mind Over Matter"


    Due to the fragile nature of records, the buyer must pay $6 postage and handling to maximize safe packaging. Remember, this is very funny and CLASSICAL comedy.

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