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Publicity Packets

Popular Publicity Paper Package- Say that fast three times!  After accumulating some neat paper on me and my collection, I decided to put these "Phun Packets" together.  Here is what each packet includes:
  1. Article from "Antique & Auction" news.  May 2, 1986.  "Ventriloquist Has Biggest Collection" -  2 pages on me and my stuff.


  2. "The New Oracle" - 1985.  A flattering cover feature on me.


  3. "Ventriloquism Revealed" - A "How to Booklet"- 32 pages - Maher Publishing Co.


  4. "Sugar Babies" - Dinner Show Program of when I was in it.  Also includes "Laugh-Ins" Alan Sues and magician "Jeff Sheridan"

  5. "Dialogue" - Winter 1989.  Contains tribute to "Bob Neller."  Lots of great McElroy info.

  6. From "Smithsonian" - Dec. 1993.  They sent me copies of their vent article containing pages 56, 57, 58, 59, 60.

  7. 1 Postcard - "Even Dummies Wear Condoms" (Great Looking 1950's Marshall).  Origin unknown.


  8. 1 Postcard "We're Saving a Seat For You."  Awesome shot of McElroy and others.  Origin unknown.


  9. 1 of my business cards - "Alan Ende & Linoleum."

* Please note that these packages are very limited.  If any item should sell out, I will substitute something of equal or greater collectability!!

The package sells for $20 in the USA and $30 worldwide.  It includes postage.  If you want anything signed, just let me know.

For More Information please contact Alan Ende at:
(518) 263-5127

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