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"Pinky Lee" - Juro Doll

1950s Vintage Rare and Beautiful!

Beautiful face.  Glass eyes!  Tall!  Original suit!  Original shoes!  Satin name tag!  Working!  Strings in place with original plastic loops.  The strings were supposed to move arms and lift legs.  Well, the legs do lift but the arms on these never really did anything sensational.

The Pinky Lee show ran form 1954 to 1956.  A Los Angeles version of his show ran in 1964 & 1965.  Pinky's theme song went like this:  "Yoo Hoo.  It's me, my name is Pinky Lee, with my checkered hat and my checkered coat, and my silly laugh like a billy goat..!

Believe it or not, Pinky was also Roy Rogers sidekick on several of Roy's movies!  There is no doubt that performers such as Soupy Sales and Pee Wee Herman borrowed much of their work from Pinky Lee.

Pinky was a burlesque comic for many years.  WE baby boomers remember him from TV.  He made many TV appearances and then seemed to vanish!  Pinky may have passed away at a ripe old age in 1993, but you can have this, the best Pinky Lee toys of the 1950s, the toy that the legendary doll and ventriloquist dummy maker of New York, JURO produced.  Keep in mind that this is not a ventriloquist doll, but a very rare doll.





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