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1987 Joe Franklin Shows
This DVD consists of two appearances I did on the "Joe Franklin Show" in October, 1987.  In it, i discuss amongst other things, the history of ventriloquism, famous vents of my childhood, including Paul Winchell, Edgar Bergen, and even crooner Rudy Vallee.

I also have on display many items from my collection including "Flip and Pip", the "Cliff Robertson" Twilight zone head, Frank Marshall's "Tommy Knotts", and Bergen's "Podine".

Total Time - 25 minutes. 

$15 - including shipping

First Live Show - April 4, 1983
I have a limited amount of my first live show that was filmed April 4, 1983 for a show called "What's Entertainment."  It is a VHS format of a 20 minute set that I did, opening with stand up and closing with a vent routine I did with "Flip & Pip", the world's only two headed dummy.  "Flip and Pip" was built by JOHN CARROLL of Brooklyn and owned and used by vaudeville great ROY DOUGLAS.  I got him from Jack Flosso who had him displayed in his museum.

$25 - anywhere in the USA
$35 outside the USA 

Alan Ende Ventriloquist Collection ON Video, MAGIC!!
Hi.  Right after I appeared in "Sugar Babies" I was asked to appear on a local show called "Hot Spots."  I was given the entire show to bring in many of my treasures on the show and explain their origins.  

This is a 40 minute video.  It starts as a silent segment featuring "Roy Douglas" at the R.K.O Theatre.  It then segues into clips of:

  1. "The Twilight Zone" with Cliff Robertson

  2. "The Unholy Three" with "Nemo" Mack figure

  3. Edgar Bergen Dancing with "Podine Puffington"

Also featured live in the studio with me are: Bergen's "Andy the Hobo", "The Lemare Pair" from the Smithsonian magazine write-up, and making his only allowed appearance ..."Linoleum."  The host, Ann Marie Deagelis, later told me this was both her highest rated show as as her most controversial due to the appearance of "Linoleum".  She had to explain that he was a period piece and its history with Rudy Vallee.  By the way, I also had on hand from the B & W clips figures live in the studio.

I think you will enjoy this one.  Also, I am enclosing a copy of "Sugar Babies" program, "Dialogue Spring 1988", the Smithsonian write-up (pages 57-60 only) and one of my business cards with Linoleum.

I think you will find this lot very cool.  The items are very limited.

$25 - anywhere in the USA
$35 outside the USA 

Alan Ende and Reggie Ventriloquist MTV Video!!
Hi.  First time offering.  I did this MTV video in the Mojave desert in 1994 with McNabe featuring "Crazy Horse".  (Neil Young's back-up band).  It's rare and no longer on the airwaves.  The total time is 4:43 (but who is counting).  In the video, "Reggie" is vividly seen going through "all the movements."  Very Cool stuff.  

Also included are  "The Oracle May/June 1985" a Maher published booklet on "How-To" and a promo for the tape called "Head Like a Rock" featuring "Reggie J. "  You'll dig this as "Reggie" is very heavily featured.

Let me know if you would like anything signed.

$25 - anywhere in the USA
$35 outside the USA

For More Information please contact Alan Ende at:
(518) 263-5127

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